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Hunter Kang Sustainable Solutions, L.L.C. (HKSS) is an environmental engineering consulting firm which focuses on stormwater utility decision support, watershed management, bioremediation/ecological engineering solutions, analysis/monitoring of soil and water, and sustainability initiatives.

HKSS is equipped to address these emerging issues through innovative and sustainable methods.  Our team is experienced in working with state and local government, businesses, watershed groups, and residential communities.

About us

Dr. Hunter specializes in the mitigation of detrimental water quality impacts stemming from intensified urban and agricultural activities, the use of low impact development (LID) practices, and green infrastructure for the urban environment. He has significant experience with the treatment and biotic uptake of pollutants in wetland environments, amended natural media treatment, soil and water remediation, and phytoremediation. Dr. Hunter is currently assistant professor of engineering at Morgan State .